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Antikvity Praha’s June sale of the 19th includes a broad selection of fine longarms, armour, swords and related militaria. Pictured are some of the lots in the sale. Including in the edged weapons  are a fine French gilt 18th C smallsword,  an early silver 19C Greek silver mounted presentation shamshir and a spear of the guard of the Emperor Ferdinand the 1st dated 1588.

Among the guns offered are a fine French double flintlock fowler and a rare  Austrian System Aydt Schuetzen rifle by Reid. Not pictured are several large early two-handed processional swords, a range of European military sabres, percussion and early cartridge firearms including American and English revolvers. The sale also include some elements of armour, easter arms and a range of fine antiques.Click on the image for a link to the sale.


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The leading gun in Thomas Del Mar’s sale other the 30th is a rare Colt Paterson No2 revolver. The example of this rare, early and iconic America revolver is inlaid with German silver decoration and has mother of pearl grips.  The sale includes a wide range of lots in all price ranges from a range of cultural context and historical epochs.
Among the early European lots are a fine south German burgonet with bevor, a pair of German wheellock pistols, a late 17th C German executioners’ sword, a German or Swiss hand-and-a-half sword, and several early elements of armour.  A fine English silver encrusted rapier is included in the sale, as are a very rare pair of attractive 17th C English enameled copper alloy stirrups.
Other swords offered include a Russian presentation example dated 1857, a Qajar garniture of sword and dagger, an Indian sword with gem-set Jade hilt, a fine Siamese Dhab, and a selection of smallswords. Guns in the sale include dueling pistols, sporting and military arms from the 17th to the 20th centuries. Click on the image for a link to the sale.