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Antikvity Praha’s June sale of the 19th includes a broad selection of fine longarms, armour, swords and related militaria. Pictured are some of the lots in the sale. Including in the edged weapons  are a fine French gilt 18th C smallsword,  an early silver 19C Greek silver mounted presentation shamshir and a spear of the guard of the Emperor Ferdinand the 1st dated 1588.

Among the guns offered are a fine French double flintlock fowler and a rare  Austrian System Aydt Schuetzen rifle by Reid. Not pictured are several large early two-handed processional swords, a range of European military sabres, percussion and early cartridge firearms including American and English revolvers. The sale also include some elements of armour, easter arms and a range of fine antiques.Click on the image for a link to the sale.


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The leading gun in Thomas Del Mar’s sale other the 30th is a rare Colt Paterson No2 revolver. The example of this rare, early and iconic America revolver is inlaid with German silver decoration and has mother of pearl grips.  The sale includes a wide range of lots in all price ranges from a range of cultural context and historical epochs.
Among the early European lots are a fine south German burgonet with bevor, a pair of German wheellock pistols, a late 17th C German executioners’ sword, a German or Swiss hand-and-a-half sword, and several early elements of armour.  A fine English silver encrusted rapier is included in the sale, as are a very rare pair of attractive 17th C English enameled copper alloy stirrups.
Other swords offered include a Russian presentation example dated 1857, a Qajar garniture of sword and dagger, an Indian sword with gem-set Jade hilt, a fine Siamese Dhab, and a selection of smallswords. Guns in the sale include dueling pistols, sporting and military arms from the 17th to the 20th centuries. Click on the image for a link to the sale.


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Morphy Auctions are holding their sale of Early American Arms on May 18th.  Among the many rare and fine lots offered is the only known example of a sergeant’s sword of Sir William Pepperell’s Regiment, the first American raised regiment of the British army in the French & Indian war.

Marked #2 of the 280 made in England in 1754, this sword would have been present in the fighting in upstate New York including at the battle of Oswego. The defenders were massacred and only one partial hilt is known prior to this example.  A rare revolutionary Virginia Grenadiers sabre, purchased in France, with partial scabbard is also offered. This model of sword was ordered in 1778 and was the type  surrendered By Virginia major Alexander Stuart at the Battle of Guilford Court House. They saw extensive use in specifc revolutionary campaigns.

Other lots offered include a Potter sabre, several superb carved map horns, a range revolutionary war long arms and a historic Kentucky long rifle presented by Lafayette to his Indian guide Chief Tunis. Click on the image for a link to the sale.

The Samurai: Japanese Arms and Armour, Sothebys May 11th

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Sotheby's  sale of Japanese arms and armour happens this week on Tuesday May 11th. The catalog includes a superb offering of armour with several fine examples of  Nimai-do gusoku, armour,. from the  late 16th century onwards as well as Katana, Tachi and  Tanto from all periods. A  rare late 17th/early 18th C folding screen of 12 panels depicting the battles of Ichinotani and Yashima is the first lot in the sale. A six panel example is in the Metropolitan Musuem of Art.

Pictured is an Edo period Tachi signed Zen Hakushu Nobutaka nyudo. Also included inthe the sale is and edo period Katana Signed Chikuzen kuni Minamoto Nobukini Heijiro Yoshinao saku and an Etchu tachi Attributed to Norishige, Late Kamakura - early Nanbokucho period (14th C) . Click on the image for a link to the catalog.


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Crowning the lots offered in Rock island’s premiere sale of May 14th is a pair of pistols owned by Alexander Hamilton. Rarely do guns as historically important as these come to the market. Accompanied by Hamilton’s epaulettes this pair of pistols comes with a provenance through General Philip Schuyler, Hamilton’s father-in-law and by descent in the family.

The premiere sale also includes many other museum quality lots, among them an Ulrich exhibition relief engraved Winchester Model 1873, a Confederate Columbus Arsenal 9 pounder bronze cannon, a Lloyds Patriotic Fund sword with Trafalgar presentation and a Krieghoff F42 paratrooper machine gun. Click on the image for a link to the sale.


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Sofe Designs’ next sale of May 8th is comprised of a single owner collection of fine and rare Asian arms. The sale includes some exceptionally fine quality examples of Indonesian and Philippine weaponry with damascus steel patterned blades and exquisite mounts that are rarely encountered on the market. Pictured is lot 220, a superb gold mounted early 20th C keris with finely carved horn hilt. Also included are barong, kampilan, mandau, balato and parang weapons. A number of very fine Ottoman and Indo-Persian sabers with fine wootz blades, as well as some rare examples of large tribal shields and armour, spears, clubs, Dayak trophy’s and superb
 carved wood keris-holder statues are included in the sale. Click on the image for a link to the sale.


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Probus Auction Stockholm are holding their spring sale on April 19th. The sale includes a wide selection of fine antique arms, orders and militaria. Carrying the highest estimate of $15000 is a beautiful pair of Dutch early 18th C pistols by Jan De Wyka, Utrecht with the muzzles engraved “Lucky is he who escapes me”.  Other fine guns in the sale include a Swedish wheellock pistol C 1690, a German flintlock pistol by Bongarde Dusseldorf and German flintlock rifle C 1680 with a fabulously carved stock.  Among the edged weapons offered are a Swedish M1701 sword, a rare unmodified M1685 infantry sword as well as fine Chinese, Russian French and English examples.

A range of American revolvers in the catalog includes examples by Rogers and Spencer, Remington, Colt, Bacon, Alan & Wheelock and Starr. Among the unusual lots in the sale are an Indian revolving multi-barreled matchlock with finely chiseled work and an early 20th C. Hungarian presentation sabre. The catalog also includes a selection of medals and orders with a wide range of estimates. Click on the image for a link to the sale. 


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Czerny’s April sale catalogue is now online. The sale includes a French cuirassier armour C. 1630 pictured as well as other amours and defensive elements, 17th C and later.  Among the antique guns in the sale are several pairs of cased pistols, some fine artistic examples of Dutch and Brescian pistols as well as a superb French swivel flintlock pistol C 1700.  Among the long guns are exotic examples of English and Spanish grenade launching guns as well as matchlocks and wheelocks. Some of the most desirable lots in the sale are among the antique sporting arms. A selection of superb French, Italian and German sporting guns offered includes many highly decorated and embellished flintlock and percussion examplesand includes the French example by Gauvain pictured. Several modern English doubles are also offered, guns by Chrles Boswelll among them.
A good section of early European swords in the sale includes rapiers, schiavonas, smallswords, falchions, processional two-handed swords and early medieval broadswords. A selection of US arms includes Henry’s and early leaver auction Winchesters. A collection of Naval arms is also. Click on the image for a link to the sale.

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